The foreshadowing, excerpt from Ainga, 2013, double channel video, sound, 40 min

This project takes up the story of the garment factory that my maternal family owns in an old neighborhood of Santiago. This factory constitutes the remains of a neighborhood as well the remains of a social model: it keeps working in resistance to the current economic model in Chile, I would say it only exists because there is an affective structure that supports it. Through documentary footage, interviews and texts, I investigated the physical space of this factory and the social/gender dynamics between owners and workers. Also, I documented the progressive transformation of this building —transformation I consider a counternarrative of the economic and political changes that have affected the Chilean industry during the past 60 years.

Ainga was shooted on January of 2013 at the installations of Confecciones Beas Ltda., Santiago de Chile. Ada Zuñiga, Cruz Morales, Erica Bustos, Hector Gamboa, Hugo Gallardo, Ines Muñoz, Javier Roa, Jose Lopez, Juan Lopez, Leonor Mendez, Luis Muñoz, Luis Vargas, Maria del Carmen Gonzalez, Maricruz Lopez, Marlon Reyes, Myriam Cid, Patricio Lopez, Roxana Suazo, Sandra Chiguay, Sara Margarita Rodriguez, Teresa Torres and Viviana Lepin participated in the film.

The project would not have been possible without the participation and support of the Confecciones Beas staff, Lopez Morales family, Alarcon Lopez family, Rodrigo Araya, Francisca Garcia, Andrea Geyer, Brenda Goldstein, Cristobal Lehyt, Rit Premnath, Nicolas Rupcich, Ilyn Wong and Carolina Zuñiga.

installation views of Ainga, 2013, double channel video, sound, 40 min